Stay Challenged

The past couple of weeks have been tough.

Tough doesn’t begin to cover it.

Truth is, my life is undergoing a lot of changes; between my lease coming to a close to my job getting more hectic and my anxiety spiking severely, it’s been an adventure.

All this to say, my sleep, fitness, and nutrition has struggled and my stress has increased. As such, it has shown in my body composition. I’ve gained 5% body fat and I’m frustrated and upset. I work very hard towards self-love but in all honesty, I struggle everyday to not define myself by numbers or a look or “abs” etc. I do it to myself, set these impossible standards while simultaneously being compassionate and accepting towards everyone else BUT myself.

It’s a problem I thought I had overcome, but I realize that this may be something I’ll have to work on for the rest of my life. On different levels. In different life stages.

So I set my eyes on what I can “control”. What can I do now for a better and healthier self?

I decided to limit my computer/screen time outside of work. This is difficult for me because I’ve got that FOMO for real! Lol. But I need to give myself time to be me. To pull away. As I begin to focus on me time, I’m also starting to make sure that I take things out of my head and write it on paper or my agenda. This leaves me room to set the time for me to “worry” about something when it’s most appropriate and not get all worked up worrying about something NOW.

What I love about fitness, is that it’s my time to focus on myself, so I decided to also sign up for a fitness challenge through one of my own trainers. So I decided to share below my current stats and information regarding the challenge.

#JsFitnessGrind is a 120 day challenge to remain as consistent as possible dedicated to both training and nutrition. (February 12th – June 8th, 2018)

I’ll be posting on my Instagram once a month with my progress ( as well as on this blog.

Fitness Plan: Boot camp 4-5 days a week; 2 days of Running; daily pull ups
Nutrition Plan: 1950 kCals/day (Macros: 170C/146P/76F)

Starting weight/body fat %(PBF): 138.9/25%
Goals: Abs! Lol just kidding. On a serious note, 18% body fat, increased musculature, performance.
Measurements (in inches on right side of body): Bicep – 12.5, chest – 34, waist – 32, hips -37.5, thigh – 21, calf (1/2) – 13.75

Progress photos: (see below)

Feb 12


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